Lunch time, power is out because the guys are working on the power lines.  Sun is out, sky is clear.  KABOOM! CRACK!! .. the house shakes with thunder.  We all jump half out of our skins.  Turns out lightning struck near a neighbors house.

Lightning damage is very real here at 5000 feet.  Seeing lightning strike is not a rare occurrence but often it's pretty off-in-the-distance.

Today it was local.  People reported modems dying, surge protectors melting, etc.  Outside of the normal electrical damage, there is EMP damage... it can make electronics behave oddly.

Because of this part of life here, we have surge protectors, power guards, UPS battery backups, generators, all kinds of things.

I have always found it fascinating how man adapts to his environment to live, and what once seemed exotic and new, becomes a daily behavior.  For example, if you live in a very snowy area, putting on snow coats and boots wouldn't be a hassle after a while as you adapt and develop habits.

Such is life here, we adapt to the idea that there are earthquakes and lightning storms, and land slides and that sort of thing.  Once you remove yourself from worrying about danger, you start to appreciate the beauty.

We often sit outside and watch the lightning storms, it's really a wonderful thing to see.