fetchin' the yunguns

Today's adventure was that I was asked to be a part of the convoy of vehicles meeting at the bridge (which is out) to pick up the returning youth from their off site, week long retreat.  I was assigned a Land Cruiser and told to pick up the sound equipment, so that it would be more secure enclosed.  It was all very well organized by my friend Geoff.  I was give a slip of paper, told what order to drive in, etc.

I was prepared for trouble and praying against it.  The bridge is out, so it is effectively a dead end loading zone.  We were told on Sunday it was quiet, but we hit during rush hour (tons of pedestrians). I was following my buddy driving a 6 wheel ex-army truck for cargo, and man was I impressed when he threaded the needle reversing up to the bridge.
THERE WERE A TON OF PEOPLE all around.  So I was trying to filter out OUR gang, equipment, keep the car secure, etc.  It wasn't very hard, the high schoolers did most of the loading and unloading.  On the other side of the bridge our vehicles were locked up and an undisclosed location.

So we transferred students and cargo alike, and though the seats were tight, having a bunch of high school boys wanting to ride on the army truck freed up several of them.    I mean who wouldn't want to ride 10 feet off the ground?   

How did you spend your lunch hour?