Getting Audio Out

This is a Megavoice player. It's VERY popular (this and the AudiBible which is better) in the villages because you press PLAY and you hear people speaking in your language and reading the Bible.

To get the sound onto the device is a LOT of work. Translate the Bible,  fly to the village, hike, setup in a room, read the Bible, edit out noises and re-takes. Mix it all down, and push it out.  Minus the actual translation, it takes weeks and thousands of dollars.  Once you have a finished .wav file, you have to go through all kinds of programming hoops to get the sound onto the device.  THEN you have to distribute it.  Programming the first one takes days, the subsequent take about 5 minutes.  I'll be doing 30 of these next week. 

Why not use mp3 players?  These devices are specially designed to perform well in village environments.  They take multiple voltages to charge, charge via solar or outlet, are strong enough for a tank to run over, and won't to ANYTHING else, which means they won't get re-purposed and play mp3 songs unless WE want them to.  An mp3 player is far too fragile and far too versatile to effective get the Bible into people's ears.

This is only a small portion of what I'm doing in the digital media department now.  Stay tuned for more.