Excited n Tired

Today I did my first editing of a recording of Luke chapter 20. It was
in the Barupu language. To do this, you take the recording, then put it
in your editor, and read along the script, and take out noise, spaces,
and multiple takes.

It seems easy enough in theory, but in practice, I'm listening to, and
reading a totally foreign language. It is tiring. It took me 1 hour to
do 1 chapter.

Okay, so, Luke has 24 chapters.
Each chapter has to be RECORDED, which is at LEAST an hour per chapter.
EDITED, and formatted, etc.

that's already 2 hours per chapter, that's 48 hours for 1 language of
Luke. And I'm working with others to do 4 - 6 languages.

I'm starting to understand why this takes so much time (-;

Still, it's pretty exciting.