The Bridge in Pictures

The pictures don't do it justice.  When a vehicle gets on the bridge, the bridge teeters.  One end of it is held up by a rock.  The works dept. is putting a temporary fix on it by extending it into the dirt.  Vehicles aren't supposed to pass, so they put armed police on either end... however they don't seem to stop the vehicles that pass (the pics show a truck passing and an armed policeman standing there letting them do so.)

Our annual youth retreat involves driving 2 hours away over the bridge, but they can't. so... they load up the kids, drive to the bridge, walk over the bridge with their stuff and then get into new vehicles and continue on.  This requires twice the amount of drivers, and was going to require 2 trips, but some courageous driving by one of the Auto Shop staff, got the cargo over the bridge before the works dept. piled mounds of dirt on either end to keep that from happening.

notice the gap? that's where the rock is.

the extension "fix" truck ignoring the sign, policeman looking other way

I think that's all I need to say really.