Our new neighbors moved in last night.
They have 3 children, none of whom speak much English.
They are Finnish.

The one son told his parents he would never speak English and wouldn't make any friends and would only email his friends back home.

So when his parents saw him playing with our kids and speaking English, they were pretty happy.

Our daughter says to my wife

"Mom it's hard, I was playing with our neighbors and [names of national kids] and I had to speak pisin to some and finnish to the neighbors"

It was a cute moment because our daughter doesn't really know either, what she does it speak English with a few other language words she's learned, with the accent that the others speak it.

But it's amazing how she can communicate. She can say the same thing I say, but she puts the accent on it of the people she's speaking with and they understand her better.

Really, learning a language with your ears has to be the best way.... adults who want to learn foreign languages should take a note from their kids books. Don't attend classes, jsut get some people together and play.