From our Friends in Menapi

Below I'm sharing select passages from our friends newsletter.  The village they live and work in, is called Menapi, and some of you may have seen our Bible dedication video that we attended.  Though the New Testament is completed, the work of discipleship continues.  Here is a small glimpse into village life in PNG.

Life in the village is unpredictable, and sometimes lent to distraction.  When we take an attitude of discipleship, coming along side, and the activity of the day becomes something other-than-planned, we can still do ministry, because we're building relationships that model how Christ would have us live, and bringing others along for the journey.

Here is an entertaining update from our friends the McGuckins:

"We had the generator working for a few hours last night, so we got a couple of hours of work (keyboarding Village Checking corrections) and charging computer batteries. I'm not sure if the generator will be available tonight so I thought I might let you know that I am doing OK while I have a bit of power.

The run of pinamato fish is a real distraction and the women on the translation team are rushing off to net fish every time they hear someone on the beach cry out that the pinamato have been spotted. Elvina and Linda dashed out of the house where we are staying - at 3:00 AM - when they heard an outcry so they are not very bright-eyed today as we work. And I am being served big helpings of pinamato three meals a day.


I gave typing lessons this morning after the Ash Wednesday service. We had three computers and two manual typewriters going on two small rickety tables. Making do with what we had.... this afternoon I introduced the translators to games for practicing typing. They are quite entranced and I am not sure I can distract them from the games now.

Monday there was great confidence that the chain saw operator, chain saw and fuel were all lined up to cut the posts and beams for the new translation office this week, but so far nothing has happened. First the operator needed to work in his garden, then the new chain could not be found, then it took half a day to get the chainsaw maintenance done, then it took a day to discuss why half of the 20 litres of fuel for the chain saw was missing. (Turns out Theo donated 10 bundles of sago leaves for the roof thatch of the new office and used the fuel for the boat to go pick it up from Uga village. So now there is not enough fuel for the cutting of timber.