borrowed from the PNG EXPERIENCE

I am sharing this picture above, and the paragraph below from another blog.  First, the picture above, can you guess which book of the Bible it is?  That's what our finished Bibles look like on the inside.  But there's more... read on:
So what does a Papua New Guinean New Testament look like?  Here is the Dedua New Testament. The Dedua people live in a remote part of the Morobe province. The Dedua New Testament has had a great impact on the area and is available in written and oral form. Being an oral culture, the New Testament on the Audibible, a player in digital audio format, is very popular.  More than a thousand have been sold. Pray that this finished New Testament would have impact and that work on the Old Testament would continue.

Isn't that AWESOME!  1,000 Audio Bibles sold to Dedua speaking Papua New Guineans.  Come on, that has to excite you.  1,000 Bibles in the hands of 1,000 people who have never heard nor read Christ speaking in their language before! 

Last night I was talking with my kids:

me-the World population is growing fast kids
Son: - it's growing exponentially dad, not linearly.
me-that's true son.  so many people being born every day who don't know Christ yet.
Daughter: yeah, well some of those people will get to know Christ and some will tell others!  But it'll take a while, it's not like a baby is born and says 'wah wah, I want to be a missionary.'

At that point we all just started laughing.  But I appreciated my daughter's upbeat take on it.  Not every will be lost, many will be saved.  And we, will work hard to help increase those numbers.