Finance Update

Our passion is to really make disciples out of people in Papua New
Guinea. Yes we support Bible translation. The Word of God transforms
lives, but what we really want to see, is people's lives changing to the
point where they are devoted to serving Christ and sharing His love with
others! That involves time, and effort, training and love. That is
what we go back to PNG to accomplish! That is what we continually are
praying for God to do.

We have now officially begun the process of trying to make new financial
partners, and get our level of financial support up to 100%. If you
know of any church, small group, Bible
study or individuals interested in financially supporting missions, or
wanting someone to come and speak publicly, please let us know.

We have sent out support letters to people and are awaiting responses.

We ask all of you to pray along with us. I do not believe it is a
coincidence that at the same time we've begun this process the following
has happened:
-some letters returned to sender because the addresses were out of date.
-I got a summons to Jury Duty that may force us to cancel a planned trip
to Oregon.
-my wife became ill. (a flu or a bad cold or something, she's had a
fever and chills for over a day now)

Please join us in prayer, that these obstacles are overcome. It's just
noise, God is more powerful.

Thank you for your prayers