Praying for a Miracle

Got one!

I few weeks ago (maybe months now) some friends of ours were in a very unfortunate shipwreck at sea.  I am not permitted to divulge all of the details publicly.  Suffice it to say, they survived by God's provision. Almost all of their equipment was scattered into the ocean.

Among that equipment was a laptop which had translation data on it from the workshop they had just finished and were returning home from.

You know me, and my tech background, and my strong desire that no important data should EVER be lost!  And here there is a laptop in the ocean somewhere with days and weeks of translation data, lost.

So my wife and I began to pray.  Specifically for the survival of the translation data, on that laptop.

A few weeks ago we got news, that a laptop washed ashore in a nearby village, but we didn't know whose it was, or which one it was.

Today I got this news (in fact moments ago)

[a friend] writes: “When they arrived at Emira airstrip on the way to Mussau, the Brownies received the items that were recovered from the sea, and this included a computer. When John opened the computer case, he said, 'Yah, it's mine!' They said that other items were found wet but the computer case was kept dry the whole time. PTL! "

It appears that the translation data survived!!!  I have to wait until my friend John returns to ask him, but it is looking good!
God is amazing.