The Kunimaipa New Testament —500th Scripture publication posted to

We celebrate a milestone, having posted the 500th Scripture publication
to the ScriptureEarth website today.
The 8,200 speakers of Kunimaipa can read, or download and print their
Scriptures. Or if they have an android smart phone they can download the
module for the phone app, MySword, or the module for the free computer
Bible study program, theWord.

Perhaps 500 seems like just a number and maybe tomorrow we will post the
next one. But each Scripture translation project represents hundreds or
thousands of people who need to hear the Gospel of Great News—God loves
us and wants to share an eternal relationship with us.

Pray with us that each Bible translation will be found by those who read
these languages, and that hundreds more Scripture translations will be
added to those available for easy distribution on the Web.