Gender differences and Building Materials

When we moved into this house, there was a half chain link, half sheet metal shed for firewood and tools.  But because I didn't like the fact that anyone could see inside, I put up plywood around the sides for privacy.

I was pleased because the plywood (normally $80 a sheet) was free from another job I had done where I had to remove a wall. 
My wife was not pleased because she felt it looked ugly.

We're preparing to leave, so I thought I might finish up the tin shed project.

I wanted to go with more sheet metal, make it all look nice, it's easy to work with, but 11 sheets would cost about $154.
My wife has always hated the look of this building.

A friend offered med what you see in the picture above "blain" (blinds).  It's woven mini bamboo.  They cut open hundreds of tiny mini-bamboo, flatten it, and then weave the strands back and forth.

20 meters of it is HEAVY.  It's sharp, it's brittle, and it's HARD to tack into place.  BUT, it's cheap!  $35 for 20 meters as compared to the sheet metal $154. 
It will last a very long time, but not as long as sheet metal.

My wife will not say 'it looks good' when it doesn't.  I could slave away all day on making something look good for her, but in the end, if she doesn't like it, she'll tell me so.

What a project this was, I got cut up, scratched up, broke out in  rash, tore my pants, etc.   As you can see above I got rid of the 'bush knife' cutting method and went with my circular saw.

In the end, the entire shed was encased in this stuff by the end of the day.

I stepped back, and took a look. 

My opinion was that metal would have looked better.  In my opinion, this stuff looks, 'junky'. 
Out walks my friend Iri (a woman) and said 'em luk nais!'

Soon my wife came home and said 'WOW! That looks really nice!'

Here I was thinking she'd hate it.  And she loves it.

Gender differences.

Another related gender difference.  I'm bloodied, bruised, and covered in dirt.  And I'm in a GREAT mood.  I accomplished something today, not only did I do the project but my wife actually LIKES how it looks.

I'm guessing if my wife were bruised and covered in dirt, she probably wouldn't be in a great mood.

It just goes to show ya, when you're doing things for other people, you feel better.
I have devoted the last 2 weeks of my life to just doing things for other people.  Helping them in a myriad of different ways, and I feel so uplifted, encouraged, and otherwise emcompassed in assorted feel-gooderies.