Mini Dedication

God’s Word is HERE!

In a meaningful and moving ceremony this last weekend,

we dedicated a printed volume of eleven Kaluli Scripture books

along with audio devices mirroring what is in the printed book.

We had fabulous participation by church leaders,

and in addition, over 500 people attended from 20 Kaluli villages

(some of whom walked more than twelve hours each way

over steep slippery mountain trails to get there.) 

They were rewarded at the conclusion of the ceremony

with a huge pig roast with six pigs donated

by the translation team and the local church members.

The Kaluli audio-bible is one of 2 final projects that I was involved in recording and producing.  (Final being the last 2 projects before furlough).
Celebrate with me that it is now in the hands of people.  Pray with me that their lives will be changed because of it.