I smell ants

"I smell ants."

It's not as catchy of a line as 'I see dead people', but my life isn't a
movie. Maybe it should be, who would star as me?

Last night around midnight, I woke up, it was dark in the house and as I
headed to the bathroom I smelled a familiar smell and said out loud "I
smell ants."

My wife must have thought I was crazy, but she didn't. She said
'Where?'. I replied, "you don't think what I just said sounds crazy?"

She got up turned on the light and we looked, and sure enough, there
were a hundred or so ants crawling along the wall into a hole.

"No, you're not crazy, those black ants have a very definite smell", and
she pulled the covers back over her head.

Well, chalk that one up to "skills gained by adapting to your environment."

I can smell ants, at least this type. They tend to come in the house
when it's raining outside. I thought I was wrong, I thought I was just
associating the smell of ant poison with these ants, but my wife's
distinct lack of calling me crazy was all the proof I need that I
wasn't. She's usually the first to let me know when I'm being nuts.

I can also apparently herd bees. But that's.... a different story.