The form I've been dreading for years is done.

And it was fun!
I mean, it was EASY.
I don't know what the FAFSA forms of years past looked like, but this
was... very simple. Even over a busy internet line, it was quite doable.

Why was I so amped up about this form?

I was told that submitting it early gave you the best chance for
financial aid. And, being ahead of the U.S. time wise, I was able to
begin it right at midnight U.S. time. *snicker*

But I only did that because I figured it would take me a few days to
complete it.

Instead I found the process actually enjoyable!
So, for those out there dreading the FAFSA... keep dreading it! Because
you'll likely find out it wasn't half bad!

I feel all grown-uppy now.