Drones and Quads and Footage

So I'm a bit of a quadrotor hobbiest. Although I've never flown anything
larger than my hand.

I had great dreams of putting a smaller drone up into the air (for
around $200) and getting video footage of villages and remote locations etc.

However the drones I could afford, had very choppy footage. So, I gave
up my dream of using it for video.

Today however, I happened across some footage shot of our Alotau area by
someone who had a higher end quad with a camera on it, and man... it was
the nicest footage from a drone I've ever seen!

I began to salivate at the footage, imagining all the things I could do

I've taken up photogrammetry as a way to achieve this, but it failed
because, I'm not that patient with photographs.

I've tried low cost drones but that failed....

I want to create a video/virtual tour of all the places we do ministry
in this country so that people back home can see it and get an idea. So
that people coming here could get an idea.

If any of you have the time and energy and toys, I'd love to have you
come here with your toy and shoot tons of video!

It was really fun to watch the local kids and adults watch the drone and
interact with it, chasing it, shying away from it.

I really wanted that toy! But obviously it is not a necessity. I may be
able to drum up a hobbyiest around here who will be willing to help me.
If so, watch this space for some video tours!