We don't use clothes dryers here. As often as it rains, the sun shines
hot and often. We hang our clothes out on a line. I'm sure you've
heard already about some ways this affects our culture. For example,
when it starts to rain, everyone running like mad to the line to get the
clothes off. Or having to wait for the sun to come out to hang your wet
clothes, etc.

One thing that happens to clothes on a line is that they fade. You can
sometimes see this clearly if you look inside the pocket of a shirt, or
on the underside.

Another thing that happens to nice, soft, cuddly towels, is that without
fabric softener or tumble drying, they stop being so soft and cuddly.

I used the towel in this picture to dry off, and it as I was doing so I
had this thought "I've somehow become accustomed enough to this
sandpaper like texture, that when I feel a new towel, I notice it very

(We got a few towels on furlough, which are the 'good towels', but it
wasn't my turn to use one.

I put it on the rack, threadbare, very stiff and rough to the touch, and
I looked at the tag at the bottom and hand to laugh at the irony.

"Opulence" yeah, maybe one day, a long time ago.