No explanation needed

Here is a testimonial shared at a recent dedication.  I really don't need to offer any additional explanation:
(this is a translation, she was speaking in Kandawo)

" "We were starving and we didn't know it. Now this audibible satisfies our hunger and tastes sweet. Now I'm waiting for the Lord to come back to get me. You've come with the audibible, at this exact time in my life. It is perfect for me. I have worries and heavies; my husband left me to work the garden and feed and clothe our two grade school children. But the audibible has given me so much peace. We saw ourselves as wild animals, pigs and dogs that die and are lost. But when you came and introduced this machine to us, it enlightened our minds from being like wild animals. It has taken us out of the destructive road we were on, and we have entered into its (new) road. It has been a game changer for me. I feel that it has met my deepest longing. The audibible said that if I humbled myself before the Lord, He would lift me up. So now I give things to God and I am at peace with this because God will raise me up." The next morning through tears, she pleaded with me, "You have to understand how very much this has completely changed me and my situation! This has changed everything for me."