Swept Away

because I couldn't say it better than a linguist:
from the Nystrom's blog 

Completely swept away


If you add the suffix -paij to a verb in Arop, it takes the action of that verb as far as it can go. If you slip-paij, you fall. To see-paij is to recognize; to hear-paij is to understand. If you yank-paij a chain, it's broken. 

When we translate "forgive" in the Arop language, we say that God has swept-away-paij, "completely swept away" our sin. It's totally gone.

As we reflect this Easter weekend about what God has done for us in Jesus' death and resurrection, that's something to smile about. 

"Forgive" and "forgiveness" are among the many Key Biblical Terms we have been reviewing and refining our translations of recently.
...please pray for people who are hearing in their own language about God completely sweeping away their sin, that they would respond in faith.