Getting Geeky

Cool new app available to help us build Scripture that can be read on a smartphone, but also syncs with audio clips.  So the user can read the Word then touch it, to begin playing an audio file of what they are reading!

Working in audio I get the question "what do you do exactly?"  Let me tell you there are some extremely geeky sides to audio production.  Yes most people can record audio on their own, but there is much more to it.

For example, in post production, we can create timing files.  These files allow us to indicate which portion of a recording links to which portion of Scripture.  Techs utilize applications like HearThis, Audacity, Paratext and more to build something that is easy to use on a phone.

Combining three different fields of technology (translation, audio production and smartphone app creation) requires more than one technologically minded individual, it requires a team.

The cool thing is when that team applies their talents together, and comes up with something as awesome as this!  Scripture text, and audio, on a smartphone, in the hands of a Papua New Guinean (or anyone in the world) !  That is exciting.  That is using technology to expand the reach of the Gospel and get it in a usable way into the hands of people whose lives can be forever altered to glorify God.

Yeah I'm a little excited about this stuff.