10 Days of Praise: Day 4

Praise God for Papua New Guinean Bible Translators!   

Over the next two weeks, around 79 Papua New Guinean translators are coming to Ukarumpa to attend the Translators’ Training Course (TTC) at PILAT, with the main course running from April 29th–June 3rd and English Enrichment for a week beforehand. These translators are leaving behind their spouses and children to come and study in a very different environment from what they are used to, and can really miss their families. There are 18 different language teams attending, mostly with about 4 people in a team. 

A major focus of ours has become training Papua New Guineans to take on the task of translating and engaging with the Scriptures.  We offer several different training courses to accomplish specific tasks.  The video above is an example of the VITAL course and gives you an idea of what these courses look like.

If you've ever pulled together any kind of curriculum you understand how much work goes into even one of these courses, much less several throughout the year.  It is a huge undertaking.

When a Papua New Guinean decides to commit to helping with Bible Translation, they meet all kinds of adversity.  Negative peer pressure, possible financial problems, separation from family (if they are away on work), etc.

Finding people willing to go through the training to become Bible translators, is hard work.  Retention is also an issue.

Today we PRAISE GOD for all the men and women who have come along side us to translate the Bible, record audio bibles, act in the Jesus Films, engage in preaching from the Bible and otherwise be committed servants of God through thick and through thin!

We are thankful that these people have joined the team!  We PRAISE GOD that HE continues to raise up such people.