My Book

I wrote a book.

In the last 2 years, people have asked me a question and said 'What do you think about THIS?'  And I have replied "well let me tell you, I could write a book on that topic!". Knowing that I had written a book about it already, but never really sure if I wanted all the problems that may come with having written published book that may be considered a bit 'edgy'.

So it sat.... and sat.... I toyed with it, edited it a bit, but really, what are the odds that publishing this book might bring more grief than good? 

I decided to let the internet community decide if my book should ever see the light of day.

Why would it be 'edgy'?  For one reason, though I appreciate organizations and what they do, I don't feel beholdin' to them to toe any company lines.  I prefer to speak the truth as I see it.  It may be unpopular to say some of the things I've said, in the way I've said them.  I'm not always the most diplomatic, nor do I ever try to put positive spin on things.  I do not purposely speak ill of anyone or anything, and I purposely leave out proper names in the writing of this book because I do not wish to cause trouble, but at the same time, I won't pull the punches on any truth that needs to be said.

It isn't always nice to show things in a certain light.  My chapter on missionaries smelling funny might offend some other missionaries and I might as a result get emails about it.  But hopefully they will keep in mind, that I too am considered a 'missionary' and I too, smell funny from time to time.

Another reason it may be considered 'edgy' is because I tell stories and say things that most of us don't exactly tell everyone.  It is very hard to understand the stories outside of the context of being a missionary and so, people often don't tell non-missionaries some of these stories.

I'm guessing I'm not being wise by writing this, but thankfully, my editors toned me down a little bit, so maybe it isn't edgy at all?

I would like to rant for a second here:
WARNING: This book isn't for missionaries.

I've seen some missionaries write books, and then not long after I see other missionaries saying 'Can I get a free copy of that book from somewhere?  Can I borrow someone's copy of that book that was written about us?'  

I know missionaries are super-frugal, but purchasing a book, supports the people who wrote it.  The people who wrote it, are friends or share some commonality with you, which is why you want to read the book... so then why are you trying to get to read it for free?  Buy a copy, shoot, buy 2 and gift one to someone who needs to read it.

This book isn't written for missionaries.  In fact, you'd probably find it offensive or worse, inaccurate.  Don't read it, and don't ask for a free copy. If you chip in to publish this book, or buy a copy, I figure you paid for your right to complain.  But if you got the copy for free, please keep all complaints to yourself, because you know, I didn't write the book for you.

I a lousy salesman.  I am telling certain people not to read my book.