Christmas Lights

One thing we don't see a lot of living overseas, is Christmas lights.  Specifically, people adorning their homes with external lights, that you can drive around and go see.  Electricity in PNG is pricey and so we tend not to put up a lot of lights.  Our family has a great many Christmas traditions and one of them is to go around our little center looking at lights.  Kendal makes up some hot cocoa, I load the mp3 with Christmas songs (no radio stations to listen to), rig up the car with speakers, and we begin to drive.

Last year we were responsible for the first ever Ukarumpa traffic jam, because we announced to the neighborhood that we would be out looking and to please turn on your lights.  And several others decided to follow suit, and thus, everyone was out looking at lights.  IT WAS SO AWESOME!

This year, we're in the U.S. on furlough.  And it'll be our last Christmas in the U.S. until my daughter graduates High School.  Which may in fact mean, this is our last chance in the U.S. to look at Christmas lights.  So, being the dad that I am… I'm pulling out all the stops!!

Taking full advantage of the fact that we live in one of the best neighborhoods for lights, AND taking advantage of 3 other tools:
1.   - will tell you the best places to see lights in your neighborhood
2.  - will do the same thing
3.  - will use google maps, allow you to put in several locations and then calculate the best round trip route for you!

So.. using these three tools I've come up with the absolute BEST 36 minute round trip tree lighting route, full of the best places in the area to see!  This is going to be the BEST EVER.

I'll post our results and reactions soon.

I can already tell you this, I remember when syncing your lights to an FM broadcast was special and rare and you drove a long way to see it.   Now it seems like a lot of people are doing it.  I recall wanting to develop my own software to do it, and now I see you can buy kits.   It makes me feel like the world is passing me up just a little bit…. things that once were cutting edge are now, normal.  It's interesting how being away 4 years can have that affect.  Still, we enjoy the opportunities the U.S. has to offer while we can!