Time in Oregon

We've been in Oregon for about 11 days. In 4 days we head back to California. We move into our 'next' (not new) place. 12 days after that we go to Arkansas for a family gathering to spread the ashes of my father-in-law. 5 days after that we head to Florida for some training and to visit friends.

During this time we've done a few things, seen a few people, did some work.

Q. People have been asking us 'what's the plan? Are you going back to PNG?'

- Yes, the plan is that we are still going back to PNG. July 2015 is our estimated departure month.

Q. Do we still need support while on furlough?

-Yes. Already our landing costs are high. Settling in the U.S. takes money as does getting many of the supplies we need for the kids and for ourselves (clothing, medicine, new glasses, etc)

Q. Do you need to raise support to return to PNG?

-Yes. We need to raise more financial support before departing for PNG. We're still visiting and settling and aren't quite ready to begin public speaking but if you have ideas for us, please let us know!