Chad versus the Volcano

I've always loved that movie 'Joe Vs. the Volcano'
It's about a depressed man who lives a drab life, and is diagnosed with a fatal disorder.  So he volunteers to be thrown into the volcano to save a tribe.
But what happens is that his life soon become exciting and he begins to have a reason to live.

The picture above is the Rabaul volcano in Papua New Guinea, it has erupted today.
I've been there.  I've been there while the volcano was erupting.  In this pic you see the ash raining down.

I went there to dub the Luke Video for the Uramet speaking Baining people of the Kokopo region.

Thankfully, this was pretty much my view of any eruptions.  It is funny what you get used to.  This sentence was uttered more than once while I was there "well we should be able to fly out if the volcano isn't erupting again." 

The practical effect of a repeatedly erupting volcano was simply that the planes couldn't see to land safely.

When life involves sentences like that, when the eruption of a volcano becomes a commonplace annoyance, then your life has enough adventure and you've no risk of becoming like Joe.