Arop Lokep

I've blogged about the recording I've been doing with the Arop Lokep language.  Weeks of recording staggered over several months.  This week we finished the post-production of the NT recording, and have begun compiling it into Audio Bible players.  We are on schedule for a June dedication that will have both the finished print version AND the audio version.  This is a huge deal.  Not only is there a printed version, but right along side of it will be the audio version.

I am excited about that.  If all goes to plan I'll be able to be there at the unveiling.

But maybe it'd be better to hear from the words of the man and wife team who have been laboring over this project for decades:

"I wasn't expecting such a powerful reaction when I handed Sakaria a copy of the newly printed Arop-Lokep New Testaments.  It wsa the first time for him to see the finished product.  He held it up like an offering to God and with tears brimming in his eyes said, "Thank you Christ."  Then he turned to me and overcome with emotion, simply shook my hand.  Only then did he unzip the cover and begin to read God's Word in his own language. 
That's powerful!  I can hardly wait to show others around Long Island a copy of the New Testament and a sample of the now completed New Testament audio recording on an Audi Bible player."