Tough week

The internet has been down for 7 days. During those 7 days I worked
from 6am to past 12 midnight nearly every day with very very short meal
breaks. I learned a lot about VSAT but the bottom line is, it's a very
touchy technology.
During those 7 days:
-The bridge went out, and the main grocery supply in town burned down
which means
-Fuel and cooking gas are rationed (can't get supplies)
-Food is rationed (can't get supplies)
It seems like hard times right now here for us, it's been a really tough
week. I had to cancel the trip I was expecting to go to Port Moresby
and help setup a new VSAT but I can't go now because the internet is
still down.

Each of these bullet items is a very long story, but I'm too tired to
write much more than that at this time.

Pray for energy, please, and for things to start getting fixed and
working again. I would appreciate it greatly.

We know God is good, even when we hit tough times. Which is why I'm
asking you to turn to Him in prayer for us.