Small World

Last night I was in a multi-cultural workshop and happened to be next to someone I didn't know, so I introduced myself.  Her name was Elaine and she had been here for only a week so far.  Having travelled here alone.  She asked me 'Do you keep a blog?' ... I slowly responded 'yeeessss.' 
"and, did you recently blog about your wife's adventure in travelling?"
and I replied "yesss."
and she started to tear up, and told me,

"I want to tell you I found so much courage from her and her troubles travelling alone."  She could barely get the story out.  "I was stuck in California trying to get here, travelling alone and I took encouragement and thought if she can do it, so can I."

The rest of the story was unspoken, but it seems she was asked to come out here for a short while to help fill a much needed job.  To do so she had to leave in a bit of a hurry, and all by herself, and she did it, thanks to the courage my wife had, that I blogged about.

It's a small world sometimes.  And I'm honestly surprised and encouraged to find people actually read what I write here.

I asked her "how did you know it was me keeping the blog?"
and she said "I was reading a lot of blogs before my trip, and...well, you wrote you wouldn't say where you were, or what organization you were with, or where you lived, but you said your name was Chad.... I took a guess."

Good guess.