Owens Update Sept 2019

Dear Partners,

Our last update we told you that Sydney and Calvin are both getting settled at William Jessup University in Rocklin, CA.  They seem to be really enjoying school.  Calvin is making friends and enjoying classes.

Sydney has a full schedule with classes, choir, leadership, and her role in the Jessup theater department's production of Picnic.

Chad and I have been busy too.  One of the things we've needed to sort out upon returning to the US is a long term housing solution.  We are so grateful for the missionary house we are currently staying in, but it is a temporary housing solution, so we've been looking to figure out where we go from here. We're also getting a bit itchy to put down some roots. With so many questions about the future, we're beginning to feel a bit weary of this "limbo" stage we are in.

As you may know, the California bay area housing market is difficult, but we are convinced that this is where the Lord has called us to return to. After several weeks of visiting homes for sale, the Lord (with the help of a great realtor) led us to a townhouse that will be our new home!  We've just closed escrow and will be moving in the next couple of weeks! 

For us, this is a story of God's provision and abundant blessing that begins back to 2007 when we first went to Papua New Guinea.  Days before we left for PNG in March of 2007, God provided an unexpected bonus from Chad's job a Cisco Systems here in the Bay area.  We used that money to purchase a home in PNG which provided stability for our family during our 12 years there.  When you live in a community where friends and neighbors are constantly coming and going, it's a blessing to have a consistent place to call home.  Our home in PNG was a place where we could rest during the challenges of living overseas and a place where we could encourage and minister to others through hospitality. Our hope has been that wherever we settle here in the US, we could continue to use our home to bless and encourage others. 

When we sold our house in PNG earlier this year, God gave us back that bonus money from Cisco and we were able to use those funds for a down payment on our new home in San Jose, California! We'll be moving into our new home in the next couple of weeks and can't wait to welcome guests!  Being a good steward of the funds that our partners supply us with has been a huge burden on our hearts and moving into the Bay Area with its additional costs caused us to really search if this was the right way to use money.  God blessed us above and beyond by making the funds for closing Escrow come from non-missionary sources!  He knew over 12 years ago that we'd be touchy about that, and He provided a way for us so long ago.  We are very thankful for that. 
How awesome is it that a job Chad held in 2007 funded a down payment a house for us in 2019?  God is so good!

For those wondering 'does this mean we no longer contribute to Chad and Kendal financially?'  The answer as always is to do as the Lord leads you.  We are still employed by Wycliffe and will be traveling to churches to talk about God's story in Papua New Guinea.  We will be incurring extra expenses there, and also have expenses in getting setup in this area.  (yes we have a house, but no plates, pots n pans, blankets, etc).  So many people have been donating furniture and we are thankful for that.  We are dedicated to being good stewards of your trust and funds.  At this time we are still seeking our next assignment, and we will be informing you of any major changes that come up.  As many of you have indicated you're willing to stay with us until June of 2020, and we are overwhelmed by your generosity and faithfulness to help us re-settle.  If new information comes along before that June time frame, we will let you know.  

Thank you all so much.
 -Chad and Kendal

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