Using it All

When I first arrived here someone told me 'This place can use all of your gifts, and interests, all of you.'  I took that to heart.  So when I get into hobbies, I always try to make people know what they are, in case they are useful.  One person approached me last week about helping with a 3d printing project

A friend of mine started this project which turned out to be wildly popular and now he needs help printing out the plastic boxes for this project. 
Typically a solar setup consists of a lot of equipment; a panel, an inverter, a regulator, etc..  But this box with these electronics in it, allow for a direct connection to a solar panel, to charge anything that will charge over usb port.

He is building these, and asked for my help printing the boxes.  Since I am running low on Filament, I had to print my first one in yellow:

It came out nice enough.  I am just chuckling at how a fun little hobby can always turn into a ministry opportunity if you let it.  This device should be helpful to many people in the village who need to charge cell phones, tablets, kindles, etc etc etc.