Bubbles and Glee

Each year the high school puts on a 'carnival'.  They make home-made things to do, games, events. Etc. For example 'sumo wrestling' where you take inner tubes and put people inside of them and have them bump into one another. 

This year, a friend of ours had inspiration to create the first ever 'Cow Train' which my son was asked to drive. 

At the same time, for our annual CRAFT fair, I have been making "blOWENSsome bubbles' brand home made bubbles while printing 3d bubble wands.  (yeah I'm into bubbles okay!)

So I decided to 3d print up a wind driven bubble machine. 


My wife suggested I attach it to my son's Cow Train. 

The end result was, pure glee!

Sometimes, being support staff, is all about just making people happy to be living here.