My Trip to Arop Village

First we took this:

To this airstrip:

Then we  loaded our cargo, and 6 people in the back of this:

and drove to the village over and through this:

and this:

until we arrived here, to find all sort of help in unloading:


I've been a lot of places, I've done alot of driving through various terrain.

That was the most adventurous ride I'd ever been on, and I'm told it was GOOD. The rivers weren't too high, the truck didn't get stuck or stall. All in all it was a good trip, thank you for your prayers in getting me here.

I was able to get the internet back up and working for them before dinner that same night, which was a big win for everyone.

Please continue to pray that the trip goes well and I'm able to help this work of Bible Translation with my skills and attitude.