Completely Random Thought #173

Music evokes emotion in me. Some music accompanies an emotion 'what
music I'm in the mood for.'
Other music evokes a memory, and a linked emotion.

Today I was listening to a John Williams' 'Superman Main Theme'.
I grew up with Christopher Reeves as my Superman.
Second to that was George Reeve with old Superman t.v. shows..
Lois and Clark never took hold with me,
Smallville was enjoyable but not superman...
the new superman fights like superman should but he's too ...alien for me.

all that to say...

at 2:11 when... maybe it's the bridge of the song....comes this strong
emotional sense of safety and happiness hits me. Like at the end of a
Superman movie when you left feeling good! I mean there was a real
protagonist, a real HERO... a real feel good movie. Triumphant... safe,

And today's youth call THAT movie lame. It wasn't lame. What's lame is
non-hero hero's. Anti-heroes... bleh!

I may be showing my age, but hey looky looky, you throw away good clean
cut heroes in movies, and life imitates art. WHERE have all the heroes
gone? We're inundated with super-hero movies, but exactly what is so
super-heroish about any of them today?

Powers? No, for me it was always character. Still is.

Today's modern heroes are people with character, strong morale fibre.

Anyway.. rant over.
I just really like that piece of music.