3d Christmas #2

Some of you may remember my Mario Bros. Star tree topper from last year.  Well I didn't design that.
THIS year, I designed a tree ornament.

What is it?
it is a 3d print of the 4 of us.

How to:
Take an xbox 360 kinect (or other like priced 3d scanner)
Adapt it to USB slot
Install FREE version of 'Skanect' on your mac or PC.
do a full 360 scan of each of your family members
Drop that scan into Google Sketchup
Edit the heads and align them as you need to
Drop that into Netfabb, to clean it up for printing
Drop THAT into your 3d software
Print using white PLA
show it to your family
Have them break it accidentally
Crazy glue it back together
then hang it on your tree.