Movin' On Up

Exams are over, by Weds we'll have a 10th grader and a high school
senior in the family!

Today as I was leaving for work, my daughter the only one left behind I
began to shout out to her,

"Bye, don't do anything I wouldn't do." but then I thought 'wait, that's
WAY too permissive. I'm a 42 year old man, there are plenty of things I
would do that I don't want my 16 yr old daughter doing.

So I modified it to

"Do the things I would do." but then I thought 'wait, that's the same

so I changed it to

"Don't do some of the things I would do." and then I realized that
sounded odd. Plus I breath and walk, and talk, and I would want her to
do those things, so.... again it changed to

"Do some of the things I wouldn't do and some of the things I would do
but..." that didn't work so again I changed it.

and just started to say "Do the things YOU would do, I trust you." at
which point the salutation was completely pointless. I mean, do I really
need to tell someone to do the things they would do?

What my daughter eventually heard (or didn't hear as she was in a
different room) was her dad walking out the door shouting

"Duh, but.. suh.. doo.. love..bye."

Adjusting to having a senior in the house is gonna be entertaining.