Graduation is over

So my daughter is now a senior in high school. My son a 10th grader.
As is our way of life, in 1 year's time from now, my daughter will be
leaving home.

Part of our culture here is that seniors have to leave soon after they
graduate for visa reasons. So, you can imagine in a single month's time
(4 Saturdays)

-a banquet/prom

-awards ceremony

-a graduation

-a graduation party/reception

-all the 'lasts' ... saying goodbyes, etc.

-moving out for 6 months to a year as you go on furlough (or shorter)

-a child moving out of the house.

They say stress levels on normal people range up to 12 on some scale of
stress that someone smarter than me figured out. 12 being complete
meltdown/burnout. A survey done last year said that missionaries live
at a constant 13 which they have become accustomed to. Thus feeling
stress at peaks to 16. This June was 15. Next June will be 18.

We've one year left with our daughter to equip her for the real world.
1 very short year. To teach her everything left that we can. Cram it
all in.

That isn't a whole lot of time.

We sure could use some prayer. I have this feeling that the next year is
going to pass by like a blink.

THIS year we were incredibly busy, next year will be insane.

As a father, I don't even like thinking about this, but it is time.