The Rainbow

Why are there so many, blogs about rainbows? And What's on the other side?

On furlough, I purchased this decal for my laptop. It utilizes the lit
'apple' on the back, and adds color to this retro Apple logo. It also
helps me identify my laptop in a crowd of Apple laptops.

However, when I first went to a staff meeting with it, someone asked me

"Why is your Mac gay?"

Then another person, and another, and another.

One after the other kept asking me that until I had to conclude they
were all in on a prank... but they were not.

Many of them did not recognize the retro logo as being that.. instead
they saw it as a gay pride symbol.

I had not anticipated that reaction, especially from missionaries.

I replied "This is the retro apple-logo, it is not a gay pride symbol,
it is retro and it's cool. I refuse to let the homosexual agenda own a
symbol that God created. They do not own the rainbow, and your comments
have suddenly made this logo even more cool, because now, I am standing
in defiance of social trends."

to which they replied "whatever dude, your mac is gay."

So the next day I showed up with pictures of unicorns on my laptop as
well, just to get a laugh. I leaned into the joke.

But since then I've taken a poll, and surprisingly 100% of people so
far, when asked "what does this logo make you think?" their FIRST
response is 'you're gay'.

IT's not 'oh that is reminiscent of the original Apple logo, it's retro,
and cool, and how appropriate to have it on your laptop.'

I'm not gay, my laptop isn't gay, God created the rainbow, and I'm tired
of all the perversion of symbols that originally pointed to God's goodness.

And I can still locate my laptop in a crowd.

So the sticker remains there.