Blog Series Amele #5


According to church leaders, the past several years in Amele have been a dark chapter for the youth. The youth had received a bad reputation in the Madang area
for their involvement in making home made whiskey. Others were addicted to drugs. Many held up cars on the road and violence was spiraling out of control in a feud between
clans that had left many young men dead. It was the church leaders prayer that many of these boys would come to the Bible course. God heard their prayer and spoke to the hearts
of some of these boys.  Below are some testimonies from young men who were touched by the Word.

"One day I was walking down the road when a boy pulled a gun on me and tried to kill me.  The gun failed to go off.  Since then I have been planning how to kill that boy.  However God has spoken to me during this course and I have given my life to Christ.  He has completely taken away that evil desire from my heart."

"I lead worship in church, and yet have been holding onto many sins. I have been deceiving everyone.  Yesterday I was convicted of my sins of lust and covetousness and confessed them to Christ.  I believe God has begun to set me free from these sins I was holding on to."

"Both my mother and father died.  I have no close relatives.  I felt  that no one truly loved me.  Yesterday I learned that I have a Father in heaven who loves me dearly.  I have given my life to Him."

"I am not from this area but have been wandering around hanging with friends here in Amele for the past year.  I heard about this course and was like, 'why not', I'll go see what it is all about.  I praise God that He led me to come because while here He spoke to my heart and I have given me life to Christ."

Many other young men and women were impacted by the Word.  At the end of the first course they said...  "We are still hungry... we are going to follow you down to the second course and repeat this same study in the Word!"  Praise God that many did and continued to grow in their new found faith.