Going Around

Have you ever woken up one day and said 'God, what are you doing? What is the point?'

I know plenty of people in ministry have, and they struggle through times of feeling less-than-effective.  The truth is that the Bible tells us, if we are following God, there will be fruit, but what it doesn't tell us, is that we'll always be able to see all of it.

About 2 years ago was the last 'Luke Video' I did.  It's the Gospel of Luke, told in the heart language of people, and put to video.  Since then I've been asked to do various other jobs and I don't know when I'll be able to get back to doing that.
I honestly was asking myself for the last day or so 'God, what's the plan here? I'm pretty sure this is what you want me to be doing, but it is nothing like what I was doing.'

On my way back into the office I happened to run into the translator I worked with on that last video I did.  He said 'hey, I wanted to tell you something neat.' 

He proceeded to tell me how he has never once shown that video.  My heart dropped.  It was my last video, it was fruit... it was an awesome time when I felt super alive in my ministry...
Then he continues, because the people have taken the video and put it onto smart cards and have been copying it to everyone they know and everyone is watching it on their cell phones.

He said, "I've heard cute stories of old men walking around clutching Bibles in their language who can't read.  They feel the book is precious, but what is it really doing?  But this video, is taking on a life of its own.  People are watching it and copying it around.  They are saying 'this is a good video, it is the first time we understand what Christ did!'.

He hasn't had to show it because everyone has already seen it.
And then he said "I'm certain that in a short while we're going to start hearing about how that video has impacted lives."

It appears as if that last video I did, has gone viral.  Which is exactly what I was praying it would do.

To anyone out there discouraged that they can't see what God is doing, hang in there.  God knows what He is doing.