Game of Drones

So one of the things I brought back from furlough was this mini drone.  It is a really small, cheapy, with camera that I found at the Maker Faire.  After crashing it the first time, I decided to modify its landing gear and put on these styrofoam blocks.  BUT, that kept if from going up high, as there is a lot of extra weight and drag.

My son came up with this idea:

As he had some surgical tubing left over from making his slingshot rifle.

This did the trick.  Less weight, less drag, AND it keeps the motor covers on better.  This is GREAT for soft landings in grass or hard landings on rock.

I got the camera rather high up, the wind caught the drone and I nearly lost it, but after a bit of hunting for it, we found it.

So now I'm hoping to get some shots of where we live.  From the air, it looks like a bit of a shantytown, it looks much nicer from the ground.