Two Lives One Dream

in 2008 a book was published about the ministry of the McBrides in PNG.

The story starts in 1964, and it is a quick read.  There are several stories of miracles and God healing people…. changing lives, etc.
It was a different time in PNG but the stories still ring true.  Back then, Nancy had to get to PNG via ship, we take a plane.

There's a hilarious story about the first time her kids saw a white person, and the first time they went to Disneyland (and were freaked out).

Here's an excerpt I liked: "… we gave him the Gospel of Mark in his own language and he read it all the time.  One day he said to us "If I hear the English Bible it means nothing to me.  It would be like eating sweet potato from a distant place.  It would taste unfamiliar.  When I hear God's Word in Gimi it tastes so good I get filled up and satisfied."

It is definitely a good read for anyone who has been in Ukarumpa.  It is reminding me that our predecessors really did blaze a trail. They were definitely made out of strong stuff!