Quick Update

We're back, we're settled in.
Unpacked, house is back to what it was like, and we've begun our jobs. Kendal is in the registrar again and I'm reporting to my role as Chief Officer, Internal Communications.

What does that mean? Good communication greases the skids for translation work. Bad communication is like putting the brakes on. Changes are happening so fast in this day and age, that we need to move more quickly. But you can't move a large body of volunteers without concensus, and you can't get consensus without communication.

Sorry no pics just yet, you can let us know what pics you want to see, and we'll try to post them.

It's been rather busy just getting ourselves back into the swing of things.

THE kids are super happy. They're seeing many of their friends again, our house has been a flurry of teenage activity, with people coming and going all day. It's been great.