Quoting Me to Me

 Don't Call Me Missionary
I wrote this book in secret, mostly because I wanted to find out if I would actually see it through the completion. 

The funny thing is from time to time, people would ask me “Chad what do you think about this?” and I would reply “Don’t get me started, I could write a whole chapter in a book about that!”

And then I would laugh to myself because I just had written a chapter in a book about it.

This happened often enough that I started to wonder ‘Would I be the pompous kind of author who whenever asked a question, would find a way to refer to my book?”

“Chad, what do you think about the toilets in the village?”

“Well, I’m so glad you asked Charles, if you refer to page 57 of my book, under the Chapter ‘Toilets, Toilets, Toilets’ I think you’ll find a delightful little tidbit on potty humor.  Here, I just happen to have a copy with me, let me read it to you………”

I decided I wasn’t going to become that type of author.

It is interesting to hear other people having read my book already and giving me their perspectives.  I had thought the book was written specifically for missions type people, but what people have been telling me about it is starting to change my mind.  Which isn't good because in promoting this book I'm supposed to know my audience well.

This book can touch the hearts and lives for any believer who is searching for a deeper relationship with Him. Through the stories in this book you can see God’s heart and love for all of us that trust Him.

I would recommend this book to those wanting to read about the happenings of a regular family on a mission from God, that have traveled half way across the world, and willing to hear some of the down to earth and honest stories from a normal ordinary missionary family.