Drones in 2 years?

Part of furlough is catching up on what we've missed for the past 4
years. Another part of it is wondering what we'll miss in the next 2
years. When we return in July, we won't be back in the U.S. until 2017.

Will we be returning to Drone delivery? Quad copters everywhere?
Links like this make me think... yes... we will.

Which in turn makes me think, we should invest in starting a company
that sells helmets to protect you from drones getting in your face.

Drone coffee delivery -
Drone self-piloted selfies -
Drone flag flying -

The other day I finally saw a 3d printer at work in the Tech Museum in
San Jose. All of this makes me wonder, what interesting things
technology will bring in the next 2 years?

It's 2015!! What will happen by 2017!?