Yay Fun!

We did it! We set a new record.  In 4 days we had 9 speaking engagements.  Chances to interact with friends from down in Southern California.  (Big thanks to our Bethany friends and family for all their hospitality).

Before we left my daughter (unbeknownst to us) asked her youth group to pray for her because she was certain this trip was going to be 'boring'.  (popular word for her).  However, tonight she told me this story:

(my paraphrase:)

"Dad, you know a lot of the times when you and mom talk to people and stuff, we aren't there, but tonight when you spoke at the youth group, and you told that story of how God showed you how important it was for you to go to PNG, it was the first time I had ever heard that story.  Dad, that was a REALLY COOL STORY!  It was like one of the most funnest parts of the weekend for me."

I was excited and surprised that my daughter hadn't heard that part of our story before.  She of course has heard many of our stories, but that particular one, excited her, and was new.

We asked if we were too uncool for the youth group and she replied "it's hard to be uncool when you have really cool stories."

This weekend was great, not overly tiring, we spoke to Awana, youth, prayer teams, entire congregations, small groups and more.  We saw several friends we hadn't seen in a long time, and got to visit with a lot of dear friends.  All in all, I say it was a pretty pretty pretty… good weekend.