Two phrases

Today someone who doesn't know I've been overseas for 7 years asked me what I wanted to do for lunch, and I said 'Laik bilong yu'
Which means "whatever you would like"

I didn't even realize I wasn't speaking English until he stared at me blankly. Before he could ask "what did you just say?", I looked at him and said "Maski".

(which means 'forget I mentioned it' among other things).

Then I stopped myself and said 'sorry, whatever you would like for lunch is fine with me.'

To which he replied "I don't know, this Mosskey stuff sounds pretty good, what's in it !?"

I chuckled to myself because I've integrated these PNG tok pisin words into my daily use so much, that I have to remember my audience when using them. To me they are a part of daily use and I forget what I'm doing.