What is Conference?
It is held once every 2 years and it lasts 2 weeks. It is a business meeting for our branch to get together and talk about strategy and vote on leaders. Imagine a 2 week long church meeting.

What is my job at conference?"
I'm responsible for the computing and technical side. So when folks are trying to get online, get email, get something on their laptop working they say "look for that big tall guy over there, go ask him."

You can find me running from table to table working out issues for folks as they try to do their jobs of recording information, getting online, projection, etc.

What is Kendal doing?
With all these adults in 1 place, the kids have to be looked over. So a team came in to do vbs and she is coordinating that, which means she runs around for part of the conference and makes sure things get done.

So mostly, the two of us run around and make ourselves available to others.

You never knew our jobs had so much in common did you?