Blog Ending

It's time to end this blog.

When it started, gng2png stood for "gimpel and gumby to Papua New
Guinea.'  because those were my wife and my college nicknames. Over the
years it morphed into 'going 2 png' because that's what people called it.

This blog has been going for over 12 years. We get about 500 page views
a month. Most of that is because of facebook links that I didn't setup. 
At this point I have no idea who is following this blog because it's
auto-posted to multiple Facebook pages.

It sounds odd, because you write a blog for people to read, but yet, I
don't necessarily like that I can't see my own stats or know who on
facebook is auto-loading my blog.

Plus blogs are sort of... going out of style.

I remember when I used to think everyone should have a blog.. that was
before Facebook.  Being able to keep in touch with a lot of people is
great! and works two ways.

Anyway.  Our time in PNG is coming to a close.  It being March, it is
our anniversary of when we came to PNG.

So it's time the blog went away.  We'll still post on facebook and send
out email newsletters.

This blog's final post will be coming up soon.  After that time I'll
take it down and all the auto-links will not be able to reach it.

Thank you for your many years of faithful readership. I apologize that
it's been a boring blog for a few years now.  Part of that is simply my
station in life.  I have learned over the years it is much better to be
careful with your words, when and how you spend them.  I have learned it
is actually much more satisfying to say the right words, given from God,
at the right moment.  When that happens it's makes all your other words
seem like filthy rags.

So I've become more quiet over the years, waiting and listening trying
to find that time when God wants me to say something.  It leads to a
pretty unpredictable and dull blog.

It's time to shut 'er down.

Love you all,

thank you

1 more post coming then lights out.