Losing Fingers

Several years ago word came out that a man named Enoch was looking for a ride from the Highlands down into the coastal city of Madang. My family and I were driving down there for the very first time, having been in country only a few weeks at that time. We offered to give Enoch a ride.

For five and a half hours we got to know Enoch. At first he seemed very nervous and seemed to feel unsafe. I thought it was perhaps riding with strangers, but instead it was because of the area we were passing through, the area in which Enoch had met a very violent time. He proceeded to share his testimony with us, and it is in this video.

In late June we dedicated the Urat New Testament. Work like this is impossible without people like Enoch, helped by people like you. We are here to support Bible Translation, and you support us being here. Your lives have touched Enoch's life indirectly, but God knew exactly who would be helping Enoch and how and where.

To hear 'I decided to let God take revenge' has an incredible meaning in this cultural context and is tremendously indicative of God working in Enoch's life. His testimony has reached many. This is why we are here, to see God's Word changing people's lives in a meaningful way.

Thank you for your partnership with us!