God Can Use Weird

Years ago, I thought it might be fun to figure out if I could build a
karaoke machine.
I started with an old mac.
I installed Kjams software on it.
I plugged in a mic.
Boom, Karaoke machine.

No one ever used it. But I knew how to make it.

Years later, I considered getting rid of that old laptop, but I kept it
around because.... you never know.

A few minutes ago, someone said "Our karaoke machine is broken and we
have a youth event tomorrow... does anyone have a karaoke machine?"

I said 'Um, I may have sort of one... that might work... if it still
boots.' I ran home, dusted it off, booted it... boom instant karaoke.

Now tell me ... is it circumstance that I had the yen one Saturday 7
years ago, to build a karaoke machine that never got used, and then
decided NOT to get rid of it?
Or is that providence?

I have found over the years that there is a time and a place for almost
every kind of odd little interest I have, while serving here. Somehow,
that little know-how or talent seems to find a place where I can help

I don't believe in luck.